[SOLVED] Windows 7 won’t resume from hibernation

VIA XHCI Host Controller causes error in hiberfil.sys
Windows hibernation issues solved

I have been battling with the reliability of our Car PC for the last few weeks. As soon as it is running smoothly and surviving the frequent restarts that happen in the car, something else decides to stop working! Arrrrg.

A great one that took over a week to diagnose: Windows 7 would not go into hibernate. Hibernating Windows 7 is important for the car PC because we want it to quickly resume where it left off each time the car is started, and but it can't draw power while the car is off (flat battery anyone?).

I've learnt from working with websites that when something goes wrong, anything can be the culprit. A methodical approach to diagnosing the issue is key. In this instance it was a bad hardware driver that came with the motherboard...

If your Windows 7 won't resume from hibernation, this may be the cause: The motherboard I am using is a Zotac H67ITX-C-E. Windows would appear to go into hibernation successfully, but on resume it would show a screen saying hiberfil.sys is corrupted.

The motherboard has a VIA chipset which controls the USB3 ports. For some reason the driver for this chipset (VIA XHCI Host Controller Software Package) would stop Windows from hibernating properly. The solution was to uninstall the driver from "Add/Remove Programs" and also from the "Device Manager". This means the USB 3 ports won't function, and but hibernate will work. USB 2 ports will still work.


I tried installing updated versions of the drivers (the originals came with the motherboard DVD) but it did not resolve the issue. So if your Windows won't resume from hibernation, it may be due to the USB3 XHCI drivers that came with your motherboard.