Use screen capture for rapid fire, personalised emails

Your clients, colleagues and productivity levels will love you.

Traditional email is making your work life more difficult; it is confusing your customers, colleagues and is making you less productive. Here's why.

Generally speaking, email is a great method of communication:

  • It is universally accepted
  • It provides on going documentation, especially in projects
  • It can be referred to later

There are times though when it is being misinterpreted. Does this situation sound familiar? Receiving a 5 paragraph long email that is trying to explain a visual concept in a way that is clear and concise. It takes the writer 5 times as long to write as it would to demonstrate. Plus, it requires the reader to have a visual mindset to imagine what is being described

Swap this with a 3 minute screen capture video with audio:

  • it will feel more personal
  • has a higher probability of comprehension
  • faster to create
  • available as a permanent reference

Working as a project manager in web development, this service gets daily use:

  • to clients: a quick training piece on a component of their website
  • to developers: a quick demonstration of an issue on a website, showing how it is reproduced
  • to creative designers: visual review of their mockups with feedback








Screencast-O-Matic has become the service of choice in our office. At $15 per year for a pro account that can be shared around the office, it is a great online service. Some other options include:

It is still early days for email videos and there are a few limitations. It's best to include a short written list of key points in the email so the reader can still search for the email at a later stage. However, if YouTube is anything to go by, in the near future the speech within your email videos will be indexed, so searching will be even easier. Videos also don't always embed into emails nicely, so it is often easier at the moment to provide a link to the video.

Use screen capture to increase productivity when you are sending emails that refer to visual elements. Your clients and colleagues will thank you.