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Custom Car Boot Install

Mazda3 Boot Stereo Install with false floor and amps

The day after we purchased the 2004 Mazda3 Maxx Sport, it was clear that the factory stereo needed to go. Unfortunately, the sound quality was terrible. So a plan was hatched to add a whole new system to the car. This meant the boot had to change… a lot. The Mazda3 comes with a great […]

Mazda3 Radio Harness Hack

Hacking an aftermarket radio harness to add extra wires

To keep the car as close to factory condition as possible I’ll be reusing the factory radio harness. Scosche make an aftermarket wiring kit (part number MA03B) that includes the main wires, but there are a number of wires missing (Steering wheel controls, Illumination, etc). You can add extra wires using the process below. This […]