52 Weeks, 52 Photos Project

Starting September 2012, I am going to attempt over the next 52 weeks to take 52 photos that I am proud of. I don't want this new camera to sit in the cupboard gathering dust.
The goal: To improve my skill and technique...

Week 41A: Beautiful River

Week 41a - Beautiful River

A 24mm shot trying to bring focus to the symmetry of the sky, land and reflection.

Week 41B: Sailing

Week 41b - Sailing

A beautiful morning of sailing near Paynesville. Using the smaller boat in the background to give depth to the photo. Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, Australia.

Week 40A: Morning Fog

Week 40a - Morning Fog

Using the fog to create a surreal photo. The duck appears to be floating in mid air, and is then put into perspective by the sunrise reflecting off the water. Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, Australia.

Week 40B: Swan in the Mist

Week 40b - Swan in the mist

Dense morning fog helped give a clean scene in this photograph. Gippsland Lakes, Victoria, Australia.

Week 39: Yarra River Sunrise

Week 39 - Yarra River Sunrise

A HDR image shot from Anderson St bridge in Melbourne, Australia. The sky had a beautiful pink tinge that morning.

Week 38: Hockey Block

Week 38 - Hockey Block_sml

Trying out a professional Canon 200mm zoom lens.

Week 37A: X-Ray Fruit

Week 37a - Fruit_sml

For this shot I used a pane of glass lit from beneath with a bright flash. This gave an x-ray effect to the tomato and lemon. A soft fill flash above helps expose the dense rind.

Week 37B: Frankenfruit

Week 37b - Frankenfruit_sml

Using two flashes with shoot through umbrellas.

Week 36A: Water Droplet

Week 36a - Water Droplet_sml

Finally captured a water droplet mid splash. Captured with Camera Axe using a piece of glass with lighting below and behind.

Week 36B: Balloon Pop

Week 36b - Balloon Pop_sml

A weekend of playing with the Camera Axe. Next step: speed up the timing to capture the balloon unwrapping.

Week 35: Easter Egg Drop

Week 35 - Easter Egg Drop_sml

Working with the Camera Axe (high speed camera trigger) to capture an Easter egg before it gets devoured.

Week 34: Easter Spider Bunny Eggs

Week 34 - Spider Bunny Easter Eggs

Happy Easter! A little art and craft went into this one, using a trick to dye the egg inside the shell. Straw or grass as the backdrop would have been ideal.

Week 33: Early Morning Training

Week 33 - Velodrome Lights

My triathlon squad training early one Wednesday morning. Go Melbourne Triathlon Club!

Week 32: Sliced Banana

Week 32 - Sliced Banana

I saw a similar photo to this a few months ago and have wanted to give it a go. The secret? Toothpicks...

Week 31: Reverse Pour

Week 31 - Reverse Pour

A bit of a quirky photo that aims to look weird on first view. Using back lighting to create shadows on the hand and bring out the colour of the liquid.

Week 30: Sunrise St Kilda

Week 30 - Sunrise St Kilda HDR

HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo of St Kilda beach in Melbourne from the small pier near the marina.

Week 29: Nuts

Week 29 - Nuts

A very dark photo, trying to draw the viewer to the cracked nut.

Week 28: Odd One Out

Week 28 - Odd One Out

Playing with colours and design.

Week 27: Valentines Day

Week 27 - Valentines Day

Our Valentine's day presents. A little post processing to remove some colours.

Week 26: Bronze Statues

Week 26 - Bronze Statues

A quick shot with a little post processing needed to reduce the highlights in the background

Week 25A: Ice-cream Model Walk

Week 25a - Icecream Walk

During our photography club meet an impromptu photoshoot started with some locals on their way to get ice-cream in Docklands, Melbourne.

Week 25B: Docklands Skyline

Week 25b - Docklands Skyline

Using long exposure to bring the diversity of colour from the urban landscape of Docklands, Melbourne.

Week 25C: Docklands Wormbridge

Week 25c - Docklands Worm Bridge

Third photo of the week. A long exposure using the bridge arches to frame the shot.

Week 24: Small Goods

Week 24 - Small Goods

First attempt at normal food photography, using a few background elements to add life to the scene.

Week 23: ‘Straya

Week 23 - Straya

Happy Australia Day! Thanks to my best mate for modeling this flag on Australia Day.

Week 22: Cut Fruit

Week 22 - Cut Fruit

Trying to take a different perspective on a food photo.

Week 21: Water Bubbles

Week 21 - Water Bubbles

Another water shot. This time using blue food colouring and bubbles.

Week 20: Man Flowers

Week 20 - Man Flowers

After our cat passed away, this was a gift from a good mate: some flowers and a big beer.

Week 19: Flinders St Station at night

Week 19 - Flinders Street Station At Night

A night time panoramic shot capturing headlights streaking past.

Week 18: Christmas tree

Week 18 - Christmas Tree

I think this photo is too typical, not really enough creativity. Trying to get good exposure and focus.

Week 17: Hugo relaxing

Week 17 - Hugo relaxing

Our late pet cat who loved to relax on our entertainment cabinet

Week 16: Candles

Week 16 - Candles

HDR photo using a mirror in the background to increase the depth of the shot

Week 15: Coffee Beans

Week 15 - Coffee Beans

The center piece of our coffee table, using the scoop to draw the viewer to the focal point.

Week 14: Red Rose

Week 14 - Red Rose

This photo aims to bring out the detail of the rose petals

Week 13: Magnetic Ooze

Week 13 - Magnetic Ooze

An interesting effect of mixing printer toner and vegetable oil, then introducing a magnet.

Week 12: Sunny Gerbra

Week 12 - Sunny Gerbra

This composition aims to balance the colour of the gerbra with the red and greens

Week 11: Wine splash

Week 11 - Wine Splash

A second attempt at droplet photography, this time using a high speed flash and wine to create more contrast.

Week 10 : Water sculpture

Week 10 - Water Sculpture

My first attempt at freeze framing water droplets.

Week 9: Objects are more similar than they appear

Week 9 - Objects Are More Similar Than They Appear

This photo aims to share the similarity between the light fixture and the door in the background.

Week 8: Illy loves New York

Week 8 - Illy loves New York

Using bounce lighting of a single strobe to light my lovely girlfriend.

Week 7A: Time To Write Home

Week 7a - Time To Write Home

A friendly reminder at a coffee shop in New York. The focal point for this photo was the chalkboard and the tops of the postcards. A slight vignette to soften the brightness from the table in the background.

Week 7B: Unboxing Humans

Week 7b - Unboxing Humans

This was spotted under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York near a number of sculptures. Not sure if this was an art installation or not, but it was quite popular. Perhaps even as adults we still enjoy playing with the...

Week 6A: New York Skyline

Week 6a - New York Skyline

Still in New York, the weather is beautiful. This was taken from the "Top of the Rock". The two features I'm trying to draw the viewer towards are the Empire State Building and the Brooklyn Bridge in the background.

Week 6B: Grand Central Station

Week 6b - Grand Central Station

A second photo for the week. I was trying a special effect shot in Grand Central during peak hour. My lovely girlfriend posed patiently while I took a very long exposure. The goal was to create a surreal photo with ghostlike...

Week 5A: Taxi!

Week 5a - Taxi!

On our trip to New York, I wanted to capture the hustle and bustle along wtih an iconic yellow taxi. I snapped this as it was driving past to get a little motion blur. I would have preferred the "NYC...

Week 5B: South Manhatten Skyline

Week 5b - South Manhatten

I have snuck in two photos this week; another whilst we are in New York. I was trying to balance this photo, using the static buildings in the right third with the movement of the ferry on the left.

Week 4: Melbourne from Box Hill

Week 4 - Melb from Box Hill HDR

Melbourne’s skyline viewed from Point Ormond in Elwood, Victoria. This photo was taken next to a marine navigation marker nicknamed “Box Hill”. Large ships coming into Melbourne steam towards this point before heading to port.

Week 3: St Kilda Cake Shop

Week 3 - St Kilda Cake Shop HDR

This is the first HDR photo I took. The Green Frogs are the focus with their strong colour. The photo is a little busy, emulating the emotion of the challenge when choosing one of these delectable treats.

Week 2: Training in St Kilda

Week 2 - Training in St Kilda ADJ

This photo was taken during a "Love Your Camera, Love Your Photos" workshop I attended, run by the team at Remember Forever. The aim of this photo was correct exposure and focus.

Week 1: Pansies in St Kilda Botanical Gardens

Week 1 - Pansies in St Kilda Botanical Gardens

In this image, I am trying to draw the viewer's attention to the light violet flowers in the picture. I tried to achieve this using a shallow depth of field and placing the flowers in the lower right third.