I have never been able to leave something "as is". I always enjoyed tinkering and trying to make things better. Here are some of the weird, wonderful and crazy things I've done:

Billy Cart

Berryl - Smoke seatup

In the 2007 Grandview Challenge we entered "Berryl" our high speed billy cart. Complete with stereo and subwoofer of course. Other accessories included air horns, water squirters, lights and matching helmet.



A present for my best mate's 21st birthday: an almost life size Bender from Futurama. Made from a beer keg, half an old fire extinguisher, a tap and other small parts.



The 2008 Grandview Challenge called for boats to be built using "anything except marine products". Enter: "Moira". Once again, the stereo and subwoofer came standard...

Milk Crate Stereo

Now that we live near the beach, I wanted a way to keep the music playing while we were in the water. Incorporating a car battery, amplifier, subwoofer, fold out speaker and housed in a milk crate, this stereo will...


Wood is a great material to work with. I have built a coffee table, entertainment unit, clock and bedside tables.