52 Weeks, 52 Photos Project

Starting September 2012, I am going to attempt over the next 52 weeks to take 52 photos that I am proud of. I don't want this new camera to sit in the cupboard gathering dust.
The goal: To improve my skill and technique...


I have never been able to leave something "as is". I always enjoyed tinkering and trying to make things better. Here are some of the weird, wonderful and crazy things I've done:


Towards the end of high school I became very interested in DJing. In mid 2001 I went out to buy my first set of DJ decks, but instead, came home with a drum kit.

Since then, I haven't looked back (except perhaps for the day the police called to put an end to a 4 hour jam session)

Musical Influences

Rock is my favourite genre. The top bands that I tend to gravitate to when I jump on the kit are:
* LiVE
* Papa Roach
* Incubus
* Metallica
* Linkin Park

Favourite Photos

Some of my favourite photos I have taken over the years...

Current Drumkit – Roland V-Drums


Roland V-Drums TD-12. An amazing electronic drumkit. Still very loud when you turn the volume up, but much more suitable for the apartment I now live in.

I have had many 2am sessions with this drumkit; headphones on, no one the wiser.

Second Drumkit – Pearl Export

Drumkit Front on

Pearl Export 5pce in Ferrari Red. I loved this acoustic kit. The previous owner had custom milled the rims and all the cymbals were signed by Dave Weckl.

The police were only called once whilst I played this kit...

First Drumkit – Boston


Burgundy Boston 5pce. Sounded terrible and I cracked a cymbal, but it got me started...