52 Weeks, 52 Photos Project

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Photography has been a slow burning passion of mine for many years. I love taking photos but have never really taken it up as a serious hobby. Time for that to change! I've been using a Canon Digital Rebel for the last 5 years, and it has taken some great photos, but if I'm going to take this seriously, I have to upgrade... right? It might be a case of the builder blaming his tools, but that excuse works for me...


I'm hoping this isn't like golf or tennis, where most newcomers often end up with "all the gear, and no idea"... A funny sight for everyone else except them and their wallets. So I'll be taking a couple of workshops to develop a stronger grasp of the photography technique. Hopefully dissolving the mystery behind why some photos have got it and some haven't.



The camera of choice will be the Canon 5D MkII - a great piece of kit. The price has dropped now that the Canon 5D MkIII has been released, but it is still a significant investment. If I'm going to go down this path, I don't want this camera to sit in the cupboard gathering dust... Enter the "52 weeks, 52 photos" project!


To keep the camera close to hand and my skill constantly improving, I am going to attempt over the next 52 weeks (starting September 2012) to take 52 photos that I am proud of. More specifically, one photo each week. For the project, the subject of the photo is not important, what is important is getting out there often; hopefully sharpening my skills and improving my technique. So here we go!

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