"Gen Y." Born in Melbourne, Australia in the early 1980s. I am a first generation Australian and my Dutch parents moved to Australia when they were both young. I grew up in the leafy south-eastern suburbs. I had an interest in computers from an early age, and also loved spending time outdoors.



"Make the most of every minute of every day." It’s not unusual for a day to be spent training for a triathlon, going to work, training again, working on one of my personal nerdy projects, then going out for dinner with my lovely girlfriend and maybe a sneaky drink afterwards. Is this quest to cram as much in as possible really a good idea? I’m not sure; I get colds more often than I’d like to admit and my sleep patterns are well, very short. As much as I’d like to think sleep is for softies, one of my goals is to get better at winding down, switching off and telling my brain to shut up for a minute.